Terms & Conditions

Raffinato Magazine is a creative digital platform that shows creative images from photographers and other talents. Raffinato Magazine does not own any rights to the photos, the photographer is the owner of the images. By submitting and getting published you agree to have your images published on as well as social our social media networks should we see fit. You also agree with our creative guidelines: 1: Everybody taking part of the fashion shoot has agreed to be published on 2Raffinato Magazine has the right to deny submissions without explanation or publish the selection of images that the creative team thinks fits with the aesthetics of Raffinato Magazine. Raffinato® is a registered trademark and a nonprofit publication. All proceeds are reinvested in the website and publication.


All editorial submissions should feature a minimum of 3 looks from various designers; editorials featuring one designer will not be considered for publishing. Wardrobe credits should be provided at the time of submission. In addition to wardrobe credits, all individuals involved in the production of the editorial should be provided as well. When providing credit information, please use format – ITEM: Brand Name or ROLE: Full name, @SocialMediaProfile. Lastly, Beauty editorials should also have a minimum of 3 looks and if possible, credits for the beauty products used would be appreciated.

Please do not send high resolution photos during the submission process, a low resolution PDF or low resolution formatted images will suffice. If your submission is accepted we will request the high resolution images.

Written contributions
Written contributions should be focused on fashion, beauty, art, or culture. All written work should be proof read prior to submission and free from any form of plagiarism. While we will have your work proof read by our team prior to publishing, we will not be held accountable for any errors in the published articles. Please ensure to credit the appropriate resources for referenced information at the time of submission. Lastly, visuals to accompany articles are always appreciated.